Video piece translating feelings of isolation that perpetuated the first two weeks of my time during lockdown in response to COVID-19. Accompanied by writing based off of the more physical experience and illness I suffered during this time.

Another attempt to make sense of what's going on through a calming piece - the overwhelming darkness is broken apart with happier, bright and simple clips. I hope we can all find our small pleasures to disperse the darkness. (2020)

An attempt to make something calm during these hectic times. Voice recording of me and Blue from January 1st 2019, walking to the house that hosted our New Years Eve party to pick up my coat, we discussed a lot. Footage is random B-Roll from 2018-2020.

Clips from winter of 2020 edited together. (2020)

Concept piece looking into exploring the idea of over-consumption and commercialism resulting in us as consumers being 'blissfully' unaware of what we are actually consuming and the hard work that goes into the processes that bring us something as simple as our breakfast. (2020)

Projection piece, with creative direction from me, performance by me, video shot by Connie. (2020)

Various clips taken in 2019 edited together as a 'showcase' of my year. (2019)

Video edit showing my first model shoot. (2018)

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