Unknown - 'That...', he says, gesturing towards the hotels above the seafront, 'that isn't freedom to me'. I saw him just before a gig at Concorde 2, when my friend Lily happened to ask him for a lighter (he didn't have one, he had quit smoking). We chatted a bit, very small anecdotal passages about his life, truly fleeting. I had walked away, but decided he was too interesting a character to not get a photo, so I ran back - I saw him again a few weeks later but didn't get a chance to talk. He lives in a tent on the seafront, making art for a living. I wish I had caught his name.
Louie (I assume it is spelt this way) - he was working in a fish and chip shop along the seafront I happened to go to. We got talking, he verbally flexed his basketball skills, followed by a real demonstration, with us both being lucky enough for a guy with a basketball to come in the shop as I was there. He was good. He seemingly spends his time working and playing basketball, and he seemed happy. He told me he doesn't see the point in going on holiday, when everything that makes him happy is in Brighton.
Unknown - depressingly, I don't think I ever got his name. If I did, I have forgotten it. He was at an event I take photos for, called Inspire Talks, as an audience member. He sat directly in front of me before it started, where I was trying to take photos, so I had to ask him to move. We joked, we talked and I sensed a lot of good in him and his thick accent (however, what the accent was I do not know, I am terrible with accents). I don't know what he was looking for at Inspire Talks, but I hope he found it.

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